Water Drop


  • To provide and maintain Water Projects in an effort to facilitate the mutual supply of water on a wholesale basis between Participating Member Governments as well as optimize the use of existing and new facilities and promote, assist and coordinate the expansion of reuse options to meet the present and future needs of the Member Governments
  • To promote, enhance, develop, coordinate and assist in the implementation of water conservation programs among Member Governments to reduce future water supply needs
  • To develop new water supply sources, including alternative water sources, as needed;
  • To apply for grants and other funding related to any function of EVRWA
  • To work cooperatively with any other regional or multi-jurisdictional entity in furtherance of water supply planning, acquisition, connection, construction, and operation
  • Any other water-related purposes as are permitted by law and which are approved by the Board of the EVRWA as provided
  • To serve as liaison between the individual members of EVRWA and other government entities, such as local governments, the SJRWMD, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • To conduct legislative review of existing and proposed rules established by local, state, and federal agencies and disseminate information to all members of EVRWA.